Llafranc – Lazy Beach Day

Day 31

We slept in a bit and made our way down to catch breakfast before it was over. Had a great buffet breakfast which our kids love cause we load up on yogurt and fruits for them. We wanted to check out Llafranc which was another town about 5 minute drive from us. So we jumped in the car and made our way to the beach. It was a nice beach in somewhat of a cove so the waves were small. The sand was very course and was insanely hot. We rented a beach umbrella for a few euros for the day and set ourselves up. The umbrella was big enough to cover us all so we instantly started imagining about spending the entire day there. We took turns bringing the kids in the water and even had a few alone minutes to ourselves. It was heaven on Earth. We grabbed some lunch from a close by restaurant and that made it a bit easier for us to manage the children. We ate, staring at the beach, enjoying the views and our last beach day of our trip. It was great.

We left around 2:30 to head back for our siesta, neither baby was grumpy so we figure they enjoyed the beach day as well. After our siesta we checked out our pool for a bit. Was decent enough but pretty much just jumped in for 30 minutes and headed back to get ready for dinner.

We strolled around the back streets behind the restaurants and beaches trying to find some souvenirs  of our trip. It is insanely hard trying to define a trip with a gift and we havent found much we have thought was a good buy unfortunately. We have been taking a polaroid of each stop but remembering to bring it out with us has been a bit of a challenge. We forgot it today so we have to sneak a quick pic tmrw before we take off in the morning. We had dinner at Restaurant Gespi which looked like a really old restaurant judging by the pictures they have on the walls of old fishing boats docked on the beach out in front. We had some sardines, an amazing goat cheese salad, some lamb and some beef cheek. All were excellent and again the view was fantastic. We probably could have spent 3 weeks just driving up the coast and stopping at small towns like this. The food was fantastic but a little more expensive than the rest of our trip so far. Our son finished eating and got to climbing and descending the restaurants lone stair.

We grabbed some ice cream on the walk home and began our ascent to the top of the hill. Its a tough climb pushing a stroller with a kid attached to you. We wouldn’t have a problem doing that climb daily if it meant we got to do that walk down to the beach everyday.  Costa Brava, our short stay here was great, we will be back one day.