Back to the Coast

Our flight was at 3 PM (landing around 4;30). We thought an hour to get our rental sorted and 1.5 hours to get to our hotel in Palafrugell would be more than enough time. It wasn’t, we arrived at our hotel around 9 PM. So today was a complete write-off in terms of getting anything other than travelling done. Renting a car was a bit of a headache and the kids were just not in the mood for anything today. So by 7 PM we were on the road. Beautiful drive but we did take the toll highways, faster and less cars on the road, so no ocean views unfortunately. Getting through Barcelona was a challenge also and listening to Siri say the Spanish street names is pretty hilarious.

At 9:15 we get to our hotel. It was a very cute little hotel about a 10 minute walk from the beach. We checked in and we were just in time to eat dinner, which we agreed was one of our best meals. (Monkfish, rack of lamb). We had an awesome table right beside a children’s play area where the babies enjoyed playing with toys and running around. It was a very long day but seeing the kids playing together really took all the stress away and we enjoyed a peaceful and delicious meal. Tomorrow is a beach day so we went straight to sleep after dinner.

Sure enough the sun was out, it was HOT and there was not much shade on the beach. We had to come up with a plan. We tried to look for somewhere to rent or buy an umbrella since we saw that everyone had one. Score, we found one. Beach time. We took both children in and they highly enjoyed the water that cooled them right down. The view was breathtaking, water was some of the clearest water we have ever seen and it is amazing to see how many fishing boats where docked out in the water. The town of Palafrugell is very tiny but the beaches are fantastic and the food was fresh as can be.

We spent a good hour on the beach taking turns going in and out of the water with the kids. The water was a little cold at first but within 15 seconds we were loving every second of it. We tried to go somewhere along the beach for lunch but think we pushed our luck cause it was nap time for the kids and well let’s just say that was scene 24 so far. We left before ordering anything and took the kids back to the hotel for nap time, which worked out perfectly for us. We ordered food from our hotel and sat in a room down the hall that had a wonderful breeze and a spectacular view. We put our baby monitor to use, sat there, enjoyed our lunch and caught up on some blog posts.

When the kids woke up we got ready for the walk to dinner. We walked to a different beach this time, 5 minutes further away. We found an awesome spot with a view (Puerta Limon) and made it just in time for a beautiful sunset. Our server became our sons new best friend and ours too since she occupied him for most our meal giving us a little break. We ate sardines and cod fish with calamari to start. Everything was delicious and the kids thought so too helping us eat every last bite. We were shocked at how much different Catalan is than Spanish. It’s like a combo of French, Portuguese and Spanish mixed together.

Tomorrow we will make the 5 minute drive to Llafranc. A little more popular with the tourists but still very small. The beach there looks a little larger than the ones here so we can have some more room to ourselves.