Exploring We Did Go

Today we had brunch at an amazing spot Desayunos that was in Barrio La Macarena which was about a 15 minute walk for us. The breakfast was a hit and the Blueberry muffin we ordered for our son came with vanilla icing so the added sugar was great to start the day…

We did a little shopping in La Macarena and Santa Cruz districts before heading to the Cathedral de Sevilla. The Cathedral was awesome and we got there with no line which was great. The rooftop tour was not available in English that day (sold out) which is unfortunate. The Cathedral itself was massive (largest gothic cathedral in the world), sections that easily took over 80 years to finish. Christopher Columbus’ tomb is on display like a featured event. The Giralda tower is part of the rooftop tour that we didnt get to see but from the looks of it I would recommend checking it out (supposed to have some great views of the city). Pro Tip #16 – get one audio guide for two people (Alcazar included). They are not headphone sets so you can both listen to the same one. After getting our Cathedral fix for Seville we headed back to the hotel to take a siesta.

After the siesta we took a dip in the roof top pool which reminded us of the Thompson a bit. Everyone had drinks, there was some soft house playing and the roof top was pretty packed. The crowd was about 25 years older but still, it was lit. Stayed for a bit and then went down and got ready for dinner. We had a route planned for a bunch of tapas places but the first one was closed, the second one looked way too fancy for what we felt like so we ended up changing the first stop to 100 Montaditos (again). We had a few drinks and some tapas before heading back to Las Teresas again for a second time to close the night.

The kids have been troopers and other than a few sit down dinner fiascos they are behaving as well as we can hope for. Our son has been entertaining us with a few new words he has picked up, Ona (hola), poon (spoon), instead of ya he now says “ok” to everything and he loves saying bye to everything (bye bye bird, bye bye car).

Overall, things that stuck out to us from our trip to Sevilla was the food (very high quality across the board), the streets are very narrow (like no sidewalks – sharing the street with cars narrow), its beauty (Plaza Espana and the Alcazar especially), horse and carriages everywhere and the heat (we dont know how people come here in July). We got a chance to see almost everything we wanted and as this trip has gone on we feel we are starting to refine what we look for in cities. Food is very important for us, we like the architecture and monuments, the museums are hard with kids so we have been skipping those for the most part and we love just wandering the streets for hours at a time seeing what we can find that we didn’t learn about researching online. We loved this city as much as we had anticipated and would love to come back one day to see how the future treats it. Its a must see in April for their holy week apparently and the cooler weather would make it even more enjoyable. Gracias Sevilla!