Real Alcázar de Sevilla

We knew we would enjoy this day. Visiting the Alcázar had us pretty excited since we arrived in Seville so we wanted to get there pretty early and take our time enjoying the Palace inside and out. We had a few things we wanted to do beforehand though so we stopped for a morning coffee with a perfect view of the Cathedral and then headed past Cinco Jota for the finest Iberico Jamon our money could buy. Our son wasnt feeling the place so he decided to throw a tantrum, others stared, we ate. The charcuterie board they brought out for us was very tastey. We both still prefer homemade Prosciutto to any Jamon we have ever had but we are not complaining when eating either.


Now we were ready to take on the Alcázar. Got there to a small line which moved quickly and we were in. Got an audio guide which proved very helpful when keeping our son interested and it was pretty informative for us as well. To say the Alcázar is a masterpiece is an understatement, walking through the walls really makes you feel like royalty. Wondering what it would be like to live hundreds of years ago and walking up to massive gardens with trees from all over the world or to see the tile work that must have taken decades to complete. It really is something to see and everything we have read says the Alhambra is on another level in comparison to this, so that is pretty exciting. We wandered through the main floor rooms for about an hour + and then made our way out to the gardens which was like stepping into a fairytale. It was crazy cause when you stepped out it was like a magical breeze just came out of nowhere. After our son got his head stuck in between some iron rod fence looking at the fish

Pics taken before realizing his head was stuck

in one of former baths we stopped in one of the hundreds of sheltered benches carved from stone and had some snacks with the kids. We were shocked at how interested they were in the building. In the gardens, it seemed as though the trees were all placed perfectly and the orange blossoms were falling off the trees were dancing in the breeze like a gentle snow fall. It is something we won’t soon forget. I know there are languages that have the words I would like to use to describe what it was like to wonder through the gardens I just dont know them unfortunately. You try and capture memories in photos but I think these ones will be etched in our memories for a lifetime.

After we were done here we swing past La Goleta for a few more Montaditos and some Orange Wine which La Goleta actually introduced to Seville over 40 years ago from a small city in Huevlas. Highly recommend this place. Headed home for a siesta and some laundry. Our place was a disaster so while the children slept we worked on tidying up and organizing our next few days.

We wondered the streets after our siesta and decided on a place called Las Teresas which came recommended from a few blogs we read for places to eat. We tried the Solomillo al whiskey, Espinacas con Garbonzos and a tuna dish I forgot the name but it was all fantastic. Our son ran up and down the cobblestone and watching the buskers which giving us some time to enjoy the meal and our daughter took an early nap which was amazing. One of our more peaceful dinners so far. We ended the night with some ice cream in front of the Cathedral. Love this city