The Temperature is Rising

Seville, the capital of Andalusia is a beautiful and romantic city. An under appreciated culinary hotspot and also one of the hottest cities in Western Europe. When you are walking through the narrow streets covered in shade and you see an unshaded intersection looming ahead, you start to lose faith that you will make it through that intersection. Had we known this we might have delayed this city for another time but here we are. We arrived today after a beautiful two hour drive through the countryside from Albufeira.

When booking accommodations for a a 5 week trip sometimes you get caught up in things like location, size of the place, price etc. We forgot to make sure air conditioning was a priority in our apartment in Seville. Somehow its quite cool inside without it and a few cold showers a day could be refreshing. It was 35 degrees today so we hid in our place away from the lava like sun until about 6 PM and then walked around a bit. We went to La Goleta a very small bar that serves some of the best montaditos (small sandwiches) in the city. They were one of the best things we have eaten since being in Europe.

After that we grabbed a bunch of necessities from the supermercados (super market in English) and walked past the Cathedral de Sevilla. Its supposed to be one of the largest Chruches in the world and you know how we LOVE our Chruches. It’s free on Mondays after 4:30 so we will check it out in more detail then. Both kids were getting a little tired so we grabbed some dinner and headed home. Caught up on the blog and planned our next few days here in Seville.

Tip #13 when getting to a city as hot as Seville stock up on some large bottled water and toss it in the freezer for the night. When you head out for your walks the water will thaw but be freezing cold for a lot longer. Our son is a fan of this idea so far.