Ponta da Piedade

Woke up early today to head to the beach, what do you think¬†the chances we got to the beach today are? Correctamundo! Zero. Decided to go through old town again to find a towel for the beach idea¬†and grab some coffee. Ended up venturing around for a bit while the sun was hidden behind some clouds. By the time we were ready to go to the beach the sun had come out and it was getting close to siesta time. So we walked past Praia De Batata on the way home promising ourselves we would come back later that day. Along the way we found a guy that is going to take us out on his boat tomorrow through the rock formations to see some great beaches and the grottos of Lagos. We also learned that the tide here plays a role in which beach you can visit and at which time. Some beaches almost don’t exist in high tide and need to be enjoyed best during low tide (twice a day for a few hours each).

After our siesta everyone was pretty hungry so we walked back into old town to eat at an awesome small spot called The Garden. We had the grilled fish and the Chicken Chow and both were wonderful. Tip #12 – Ordering off a kids menu is a waste in Lagos so far. Order for two and you will have enough for four anyway.

Before: Fresh Grilled Fish and Chicken Chow

After: Bye bye fish

The sun was glaring down pretty hard today so we didnt want to stay out in the sun too much longer, headed back to do a few things and rest up for our early evening beach time. We head out at 6:00 to Ponta de Piedade which is at the southern most point of Lagos and the most popular view point here, on the way back from this point are all of the beaches we wanted to check out. Instead of walking the 25 minute walk to Ponta de Piedade we jump in a cab and figure we can walk back and stop at a few.

Stayed at the point for about an hour taking pictures and enjoying the view, both children fell asleep so we walked back without stopping at any beaches along the way. The breeze was fantastic and the views were something we won’t soon forget. Headed straight to Restaurant Piri Piri for some authentic Portuguese fried chicken which, surprise surprise, was fantastic. Ate and then called it a night. We will hot the beaches tomorrow, maybe.

Piri Piri Fried Chicken and Calamari