Off To Lagos

Day 14

Up early for a quick flight to Faro Airport (main airport in the Algarve).

Quick transfer to Lagos and we are at our hotel. We could tell quickly we would like it here and so far it has not disappointed. We read that the beaches here are part of the draw so we walked over to Praia do Pinhão. Took a few pics and decided to head back and enjoy some time in our pool with the little guys.

The beach is below us – Click for a better pic that we didn’t take

After a quick nap we headed into the city centre. The city centre is surrounded by old walls and the city itself is over 2000 years old. We wondered around browsing the handicrafts and surf boards that filled the streets.

Paying tolls to Jesus


We were recommended a restaurant called Adega Da Marina and while it looked like an over run tourist trap it was absolutely delicious. We ordered some Bacalao and a half kilo of shrimp (no clue how much a half kilo of shrimp was until it was too late) along with some Vinho Verde and the star of the meal the Patè de Sardinha. Tip #11 (I think – I will have to do a tip audit this week) Find restaurants where the kids have room to roam a bit. Keeps them occupied and if they are having fun, you are not shoving food down your face in order to not mount a chicken.

We walked along the Ribeira de Bensafrim which kind of splits Lagos in half and enjoyed the ocean breeze. Overall, a great first day in the Algarve and we can already envision coming back here to enjoy other cities along the coast.