Holy Toledo ;)

So we said our good byes to our favourite stop so far. We had a 4 PM ticket out of there but with hotel check outs and nap times that time just didnt work for us so instead of staying one more night we made the tough decision to leave on the 1:25 PM train and head back to Madrid. We spent the morning in search of breakfast (non existent until 1 PM for some reason) and checking out some sites we did not get to eplore the day yesterday. We loved the Toledo Cathedral which, upon discussion, we found our fascination with Churches and Cathedrals a bit odd, we live 1 block away from a really nice church back home. Never been inside, could not care less about it. But, when in Europe we HAVE to see every Cathedral for some reason. The amount of effort put into these buildings is just insane and as much as each Cathedral is similar they have so much art and character in them it almost feels like visiting a museum in a way. This one really was one of the nicest we have been inside. We passed by the Alcázar de Toledo but could not get inside unfortunately. One cool thing about Toledo were the sheets hanging above the narrow streets to provide shade. The streets by the way are barely wide enough for cars to fit through and 3 cars in a row seemed like a traffic jam as we reached close to noon. The guided tours by the busloads started pouring in now and we understood the difference really is night and day in Toledo.

***When travelling with infants/toddlers on trains its more fun when they are tired and hungry. Nothing is better, if you ever get the chance to do this we recommend doing it everyday possible.***

Back in Madrid, spent some time catching up on rest. This is a huge part of our day especially with all of the moving around. The kids need their rest and we are trying not to change too much from their day to day back home. Swung by San Miguel Market again for a few small snacks and to check for the opera guy (he wasnt there again), we ask a bunch of people when he sings and we got about 4 different times (so we are banking on 12 PM tomorrow). We head out to grab some food and we pass by El Botin (one of the oldest restaurants in the world) where we both went many years ago before the wedding and the kids, it was a great dinner and we decided to sit near by, have a drink and reminisce on that trip a bit. After this we headed back to Plaza Mayor area for a bit of shopping and some tapas at 100 Montaditos. Everything here is under 3 Euros and actually quite good. No food pics but will add more moving forward. I will say this, sitting in a packed tapas bar, having some tapas and drinks while feeding two children, one on her back and one in the stroller is an amazing accomplishment. We stroll past the palace and some other places we were many years ago on the way home and call it a night.