“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it”

Toldeo’s sunset is a must see. Getting there is a quick train ride from Madrid. When planning our trip we read a lot about how long to stay where and if you need overnights or not etc. We wanted to see Toledo and we wanted to spend the night. So we booked a hotel (great and affordable) and went on the renfe site to book our train tickets, we chose not to book online and assumed we could ‘just grab them in the morning’. Of course, our train journeys took us on another unplanned adventure. We planned to catch the 10:20 AM train to Toledo, it is a 30 minute train ride, and we got to our hotel at 3 PM (about 4 hours later than planned).  Long story, not uber interesting but we made it and we are glad we did. Tip #10 – book train tickets in advance and figure out where to pick up the the kids tickets in advance too. After a quick nap for the kids we set out to see the tiny fortress city (90,000 population) that is surrounded by water. There are swords everywhere, cobble stone is the only stone, tried some mazapán (delicious) and navigating the city is extremely tough. During our adventures we met an 82 year old lady named Elizabeth, she didnt speak a word of English but we discovered her love for children, she had only two sons and one grandchild but she lit up our children’s eyes like a grandmother of 20. It really made us envy the amount of joy children bring to everyone here, we just have not experienced that as much at home. We saw a few main attractions that we will properly visit tomorrow and got our bearings here. The highlight of the day was visiting Mirador del Valle, absolutely stunning views of the city that our pictures simply do not do it justice. We found a small restaurant nearby and sat for a few hours with the kids, we took in the view over some tapas and wine. We honestly could have spent an entire day here doing exactly this. We read that there are so many day tours in and out of Toledo that you really have two experiences here, one in the day with a packed city and another at night when it is much quieter. So far the night version of Toledo was awesome and we look forward to the day part tomorrow.