Goodbye Valencia, Hello Madrid

We had a great brunch at the Brunch Corner yesterday. Awesome! Our eldest loved the PB and J sandwich and two older ladies fell madly in love with his cuteness. I swear everyone loves kids here, its great. Neither of us could imagine stopping at every infant we see and squeezing their cheeks but here its a thing I guess.

Last night we tried to take a free walking tour. We knew it would be a challenge keeping the kids occupied for 2 a two + hour tour so we tried one we didn’t have to fully commit to. They are free in almost every city in Europe and the tour guides work for tips. We recommend taking them on your first day in a new city as it helps you get an idea of where things are and what might interest you to see or do. We lasted 45 minutes which is about what we thought we would last. The kids were actually great, we just had an easy out on a guided tour we were losing interest in. We walked back through the cobblestone and marble sidewalks of Valencia one last time. What a beautiful city.

This morning we got to Madrid. Of course we had a train issue again. Left 1 hour early for a 15 minute walk. Ended up getting on the train with 3 minutes to spare. We didn’t understand why they would have two train stations 10 minutes away from each other and the second one is much harder to get to once you actually make it to the first. And why do you have to have tickets for infants when they don’t actually email them to you with your confirmation?  Huh?  Why? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! Anyway, we made it. Somehow we were in the ‘preferente cart’ which was awesome. Seats were leather instead of cloth and the tray was wood instead of plastic. Score 🙂 Other than that not much difference other than a free glass of water and a solid salmon salad sandwich. Train ride was beautiful. We get to Madrid and did not take our own advice with asking the taxi for advance fairs (rookie move). Got to our place, checked in and headed straight to Mercado San Miguel, our favourite market we have been to. Sampled some Cava, some fresh fruits and some olive tapas. As it was an exhausting day we called it an early one and prepped for the next few days here and in Toledo.