That Market Though

Started the day off getting lost a bit looking for a breakfast restaurant called Dulce De Leche in Ruzafa (a trendy area in Valencia that our host recommended to us). Place was packed. Our oldest had a freak out. Scene #6 or 7 so far. The food was great and everyone seemed very happy to come up and talk to the kids. The coffee was outstanding but we learned a valuable lesson, probably best to eat breakfast at out place most days and quick eats or snacks at sit down restaurants only <- Tip #8.

We wanted to see the Central Market so we headed back, it was open this time. It was massive, we are used to the St Lawrence market in Toronto and we really love it there but the size of this market was just crazy. We tried some fried anchovies, bought some Paella and got some items to help with Tip 8 above. We ate lunch at Plaza de la Virgen and watched some live music. Our eldest had a great time running around and dancing to the music. Everyone ate and loved the paella.

According to our research the Cathedral of Valencia is a must see and while it was nice, there are much better Cathedrals around Europe. The ‘Holy Grail‘ is said to be stored here and it was underwhelming. Some dudes (Saint Vincent) actual arm is being stored there for some reason, its around 1700 years old. Kids in churches, not bad for a short period of time, 30 minutes was more than enough for us. We walked all over the old town and just took it in, there were a lot more sites than we can remember (Plazas, Towers, Basilicas etc.). All in all it was a great day, after all of the walking the kids were exhausted and so were we. Tip #9 – don’t eat Thai food in Valencia.