No Dolphin Show For You!!!

Started off the day with some fresh eggs (scrambled) along with some Valencian tomatoes (which were great) and some fresh bread ($.60 per fresh loaf pretty much any store that sells bread). Great start. We wanted to try some sites for the children today so we walked along the Turia river (which is a dry river bed transformed into a lot of greenery, kids play grounds and sports pitches). It is a great use of space and spans around the city.

We passed by the City of Arts and Sciences and The performing Arts Centre. All incredible futuristic looking buildings surrounded by water and onlookers. We got to the Oceanographic (Aquarium) at 2:30 and figured we would be able to stroll around until 4:45 when the dolphin show started cause “the kids will LOVE that”. Sure enough they were both in awe of all of the animals and fish which was really amazing to see. This place has a great collection of captives fish topped off by a few Beluga whales, some dolphins and even some pretty large sized sharks.  Needless to say, we finish up seeing everything around 4:30 and head to see the dolphins. By this time the poor little ones were gassed and had enough for the day. We almost made it but decided against it and within 5 minutes they were both out like lights. As it was Sunday and it seemed like not a single store or restaurant was open in the city we found a grocery store and loaded up a few things for dinner. We were going to do the Biopark on Monday but decided for a more chill day to catch up on some much needed planning.