Beach And A Burger

Day 4

Today we took a stroll past the beach and around Barceloneta. It was packed with people and rightfully so since the weather was gorgeous today. We piled sunscreen on the kids and got a horrible hat for our daughter (we will add a pic of it soon). We saw some great sand art with actual fire in the dragons mouth (pretty cool). We stopped by Bacoa on the beach for one of the best burgers either of us have ever had and just enjoyed the breeze and Seamus’ girlfriend (Seamus is a dog of a friend of ours – pics of his girlfriend in the gallery). For dinner we met up with a friend of ours and enjoyed a patio and some amazing Sangria. We have an early train to Valencia in the morning.

Barcelona was great, we didn’t really get a chance to do much touristy stuff just trying to get adjusted to the time change. I think we were both a lot more nervous about how hard travelling with 2 under 2 would be but so far they have been great. We are back for a few days before we head home so we do plan on seeing┬áSagrada then. Pro Tip #4 – Eating outside (when possible, is waaaaaay easier than eating inside – more space for the kids to run around. The Placas/Plazas are great for that).