Sagrada Familia

Day 3

Today we were focused on catching up on our sleep and getting over some jet lag so the plan was to take it easy. We have both been to Sagrada Familia before and wanted to see how it looked since it is in a constant state of change. Construction started 130 + years ago but the last 10 or so they have really picked up the pace. We decide to walk it and get there around 1:30 and realize we need advance tickets these days so we decide to come back another day. Bad planning 101. Soooooo we stop for a bite and the kids have a nuclear meltdown. Luckily everyone survives – tip #3 – pack more snacks than you think the kids will eat on a day trip, then double that. We did find a cool dinner spot called Elsa y Fred (Elsa and Fred for the English speakers) which apparently has the best Patatas Bravas in the city (they were very good). We took the kids by Las Ramblas to see the buskers but we couldn’t find any (well we did find one old dude just posing – no costume, no tricks, nada – the buskers must have all moved to Toronto for Buskerfest or something). We stopped by Placa Real and enjoyed some people watching. On the way home we stopped near the market for some sangria and meltdown #2 occurred leaving us no choice but to order another pitcher (kidding we would never do that. We left like any respectable parents would….and found another place to drink sangria).