Planning a Trip With 2 under 2

We have taken a few trips with our children (19 and 6 months old) so far but usually we have had lots of help and we have gone for 10 days or less. A 5 week trip with just the two of us is enough to cause us both some level of anxiety. Add in two little ones and I can almost bet anyone reading will start getting a little stressed.

The Itinerary

With less than 10 days to go we are still making adjustments to where we want to go and for how long. Between trains, planes and automobiles we have about 12 cities in Spain and Portugal picked out. We wanted to make it to San Sebastian and Bilbao but unfortunately with all of the cities in the South that we wanted to visit we could not find a way to make it happen. So far we have settled on Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Lagos and Faro  Albufeira to begin our first few weeks. After that is Seville but we are still planning this stuff and we are sure things will change

What to Bring?

First off, checklists are key – so don’t forget to make one. I think we will have to write a more detailed post on packing with some pictures but so far we have ordered a Phil and Ted’s Traveller and we already have a Phil and Ted’s Lobster Chair, a 3D Stroller (for the recored these are not sponsored or affiliate links – we just like the products and light weight was important). As for us we are trying to bring as little as possible to free up arm space for the little ones. Packing light as possible and booking places with things we need like cribs or baths allowed us to leave a lot of non essentials at home. A few important items from the checklist were:

Children’s sunblock

5- 7 days worth of clothing per person

Diapers and snacks for 5 days (gives us time to find these things while away)

Ipad loaded with kids stuff

Advil – duh

Patience – mom told us to make sure we packed lots of it